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Become conscious in a distracted world
Eco Foundry was created to give sustainable options in a world that needs to be more environmentally aware, incorporating both renewable energy and Living Plant products into innovative developments within Internal and external infrastructure across a variety of sectors from events and interior design to electric vehicle chargers and Living furniture.
We are proud to have experts in every field that we offer products and services for.  Each consultant has a proven experience in their chosen field and can guarantee the most sustainable approach to the product or service you require.

This Christmas, instead of gifting clients, EcoFoundry and Concept Foundry will be donating to Spires Charity, which is a South London based charity that helps hundreds of homeless and disadvantaged people all year round. Spires work to improve the quality of life for people who are homeless, insecurely housed, unemployed or suffering from the effects of poverty, mental health related issues and loneliness.

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